Can’t hire or keep people from underrepresented groups?

Problems I can help you with

1. Struggles with hiring:

Sponsoring events or posting job ads in slack channels doesn’t get you far!

We will focus on your D&I challenges throughout the whole hiring process from applications through interview stages and beyond.

2. Some team members say your company is not inclusive enough:

Having a diverse team doesn’t guarantee inclusion!

We will audit your current state of inclusion through in-person/phone interviews with your employees (based on the Jobs To Be Done framework), survey with all employees, company policies review, and more.

3. You get great candidates but most of them have almost identical profile

A few colorful team pictures on the careers page aren’t enough to attract people from underrepresented groups!

We will integrate your employer branding efforts and hiring strategy to ensure you can meet your objective. In collaboration with design agency Kickflip.

Let’s work together 


Our 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Report just got published.

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

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