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Diversity & Inclusion Expertise

In my approach to Diversity & Inclusion, I combine 4 key ingredients: my business strategy experience, data research, drive to help people succeed at work, and belief in the transformative power of education.

That’s how I have created various services and methodologies to help companies further in their D&I journey and tap into their full potential as business leaders.

Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion for Your Business Success

We work on D&I with the context of your unique needs and take the following into account:

• ✅Business: current business objectives, why D&I is important to you, what success looks like

• ✅People: employee representation, engagement, etc

• ✅Company climate: values, recent org changes, etc


D&I DIAGNOSTICS: Facing challenges with Inclusion & not sure what they are or how to tackle?

Even when you have a diverse team and a strong culture, it doesn’t automatically guarantee Inclusion and Belonging.

Through in-person interviews (following the JTBD framework) and surveys with the employees, we will be identifying the obstacles to Inclusion and work towards removing them one by one, so that your company doesn’t have any barriers to leverage the talent it has already hired.

Based on the identified obstacles we will create a strategy that focuses specifically on removing the most urgent and impactful ones. Learn more


LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS: Need help with engaging the leadership team?

These are engagements designed to create a few light-bulb-moments for the participants on how D&I will impact the company’s success in regards to talent, business growth, and innovation.

Reach out now to learn more how we approach it for executives and leadership teams.

Vessy's workshop with the leadership and employees really opened up communications on topics we had never discussed as a group before. It created awareness for team members here from different backgrounds, and created a stronger team. Some people had the opportunity to share and be vulnerable, and other people supported them in that. We have a wonderful volunteering programme here at Atomic, and Vessy's workshop really sparked lasting momentum around new ways we can support the community around us!”

Alison Harpur, People Operations Manager Atomic Group


12 months into their D&I work, companies face the consequences of Diversity Fatigue - skepticism, disengagement and distrust in the company. How you engage the employees and how you communicate internally and externally plays a key role in this. Learn more

D&I in your Learning & Development Strategy



  • D&I leaders (full-time, part-time, volunteers): Makes leaders more successful at D&I. In any role. In any category or function. Learn more

  • Future Leaders (both D&I and non-D&I): This 3-month program is designed to develop your next generation of leaders. See how it works

“I love Vessy’s holistic approach to every issue and the way she intuitively asks the right questions. After each session, I feel liberated from the restrictions I created myself and a step closer to developing my full potential.”

Margaret Dobreva, LimeChain


Tackling challenges together with the community allow you to accelerate your D&I journey.

Curious what’s unique about it?

Discover who the community members are

“On a human level, it is so nice to meet a wider range of people from all over the world with a shared goal of making the world better through building inclusive organizations.

The breadth of knowledge in Vessy’s community is unique!”

Thomas Shaw, Systems Engineer in gaming:



Limited knowledge sharing between D&I champions in Employee Resource Groups and Networks?

To avoid “knowledge leak” when old ERG members leave and new join, we can create and facilitate the environment and culture of knowledge sharing.

See how we’re approaching knowledge sharing between 30+ organizations in 10 countries.

Reach out now to learn more how we do it for

  • internal knowledge sharing (companies of over 5k employees)

  • industry-wide D&I collaborations



Inspire your teams to think differently about your customers and businesses. Book me for a speaking opportunity

Check out my previous talks, interviews & features



  • “D&I Diagnostics Methods Training”: Allow teams to see problems differently and achieve new results. Training through doing.

  • “Getting Started with D&I”: Allow your D&I champions to see problems differently and achieve new results. Training through doing.

Learn more


Struggling to adapt your D&I Strategy to your needs in Europe?

As bullet-proof as your Unconscious Bias Training or Diversity & Inclusion Training is when you run it in the U.S., it won’t have the same results when you apply the very same content and approach in a completely different culture and context.

Typical mistakes: Giving examples that are not relevant in Europe (e.g. using baseball terms)

Learn how to avoid these & other mistakes

Recommended free D&I educational resource: “2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report

I interviewed 10 tech companies from 10 countries, these are companies that I know take D&I seriously.

The goal of the report:

1. To be a platform for the companies who take D&I seriously so they can tell their stories of how they've created this open & accepting culture in their companies

2. To inspire other companies to reflect on their values and give them the courage to start making a change by seeing a wide range of approaches. 

3. To show companies of various sizes, of various geographies and with various approaches to D&I, so companies who are new to D&I or struggle with D&I can relate to and learn from the ones who are more similar to them.

The report features a wide range of companies in terms of:

  • size: between 20 and 16,000 employees

  • geography: UK, Ireland, US, India, Mexico, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, Malta, Sweden, Germany

  • maturity: created between 1820 and 2017

  • a sample of interviewed companies: Atlassian, ThoughtWorks, TechStars, SwedBank, TransferWise, Hotjar, and more

See the report