Diversity & Inclusion Expertise

I help companies such as Heineken, EY, Mozilla leverage Diversity & Inclusion for business success by:

Understanding your BUSINESS objectives

We look into your short- and long-term business objectives, why D&I is important to you, and what success looks like in order to understand what creates value for you to ensure business success.

Key values in this approach:

  • Focus

  • Assertiveness

  • Curiosity

Proactively asking & listening to the PEOPLE in your company

I interview some of the employees and leadership to understand where change is needed. I combine this qualitative approach with looking into your engagement scores and other people metrics. Together we prioritize and focus on creating change in the areas of highest impact.

Key values in this approach:

  • Reliability

  • Authenticity

Using PLAY for active culture transformation

We don’t want the D&I engagements to feel like a punishment or a homework or a burden to the participants. Learning and transformation happen organically when we play!

Key values in this approach:

  • Play

  • Curiosity

  • Authenticity

Lasting culture transformation through KNOWLEDGE SHARING

To create lasting change, we use the transformative power of knowledge sharing and further establish a culture of cooperation between individuals and teams. That allows us improve the level of Inclusion & Belonging, and maintain it by managing risks such as D&I knowledge leaks and Diversity Fatigue.

Key values in this approach:

  • Cooperation

  • Learning

Services by

Individual Coaching


I’ve done 200+ one-on-one sessions with professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and seniority.

  • D&I leaders (full-time, part-time, volunteers): Makes leaders more successful at D&I. In any role. In any category or function.

  • Future Leaders (both D&I and non-D&I): This program is designed to develop your next generation of leaders.

What clients say:

“I love Vessy’s holistic approach to every issue and the way she intuitively asks the right questions. After each session, I feel liberated from the restrictions I created myself and a step closer to developing my full potential.”

Margaret Dobreva, Head of Marketing, LimeChain

Empower the D&I champions through knowledge sharing & emotional support


Tackling challenges together with the global community allow you to accelerate your D&I journey.

Currently with over 40 members from 10 countries!

What clients say:

“On a human level, it is so nice to meet a wider range of people from all over the world with a shared goal of making the world better through building inclusive organizations.

The breadth of knowledge in Vessy’s community is unique!”

Thomas Shaw, Systems Engineer in gaming

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Together we design from a 1-hour to a half-day session to engage your senior leadership team, employees, or potential hires.


Designed to create a few light-bulb moments!

Inspire your teams to think differently about your culture, customers, and businesses.


  • Senior leadership team: C-suite, VPs, GMs, Directors, Board Members

  • D&I Leads & Champions

  • All employees

  • People, Ops, and HR Managers

  • Mixed audience

Topics include:

  • First steps into D&I

  • Trends & Predictions in D&I

  • The 3 Success Factors in D&I

  • D&I in your first 12 months & what NOT to do

  • What to do when your Inclusion score is meh

  • How to create a D&I strategy for impact

  • Fostering Allyship that doesn’t burn out

  • Having trouble engaging the leadership in D&I?

  • How people decide when to leave a job

What clients say:

Vessy's workshop with the leadership and employees really opened up communications on topics we had never discussed as a group before. It created awareness for team members here from different backgrounds, and created a stronger team. Some people had the opportunity to share and be vulnerable, and other people supported them in that. We have a wonderful volunteering programme here at Atomic, and Vessy's workshop really sparked lasting momentum around new ways we can support the community around us!

Alison Harpur, People Operations Manager, Atomic Group

Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy - based on data, not guessing

Diagnostics of the state of Inclusion


Facing challenges with Inclusion & not sure what they are or how to tackle?

Even when you have a diverse team and a strong culture, it doesn’t automatically guarantee Inclusion and Belonging.

Through in-person interviews (following the JTBD framework) and surveys with the employees, we will be identifying the obstacles to Inclusion and work towards removing them one by one, so that your company doesn’t have any barriers to leverage the talent it has already hired.

Based on the identified obstacles we will create a strategy that focuses specifically on removing the most urgent and impactful ones.

Recommended read: “2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report” by

I interviewed 10 tech companies from 10 countries, these are companies that I know take D&I seriously.

The report features a wide range of companies in terms of:

  • size: between 20 and 16,000 employees

  • geography: UK, Ireland, US, India, Mexico, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, Malta, Sweden, Germany

  • maturity: created between 1820 and 2017

  • a sample of interviewed companies: Atlassian, ThoughtWorks, TechStars, SwedBank, TransferWise, Hotjar, and more

See the report