Hey, I’m Vessy

“Happiness is fulfillment, it's when what you think, say, and do are in harmony and tied to a purpose.”

As a lesbian immigrant in an interracial relationship, it naturally frustrates me when I hear people say that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) problems are not “real problems”. I've worked in companies where this has been the attitude.

I'm now on a mission to change this and that’s why I


In the last 10 years, I have worked in the following industries across Europe and the US:

Healthcare & insurance:

  • During my time with HealthXL, I’ve worked with Abbott, Becton Dickinson, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, BTG, Bupa, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cleveland Clinic, Highmark Health, IBM, ICON, Imperial College Health Partners, J&J, Linde Healthcare, Northwell Health, Novartis, Partners HealthCare, Philips, ResMed, Roche Diagnostics, and more

Tech, outsourcing & telecoms:

  • I’ve worked with IBM, Silicon Valley Bank, Zalando, Leanplum, Software Group, Telerik (now Progress Software), Eleven Ventures, Enhancv, LimeChain, SoftServe, Mobiltel  

  • In my report on Diversity & Inclusion covering 10 companies from 10 countries, I featured Atlassian, Techstars, ThoughtWorks, Hotjar, and others from the US, Mexico, South Africa, India, Australia, and all across Europe.

Banking, finance, VC:

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