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Are your colleagues tired of participating in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives?

Are you observing an emotional burnout among the D&I champions?

🚨 The consequences of Diversity Fatigue

  • Stagnation: No improvement in the state of D&I

  • Skepticism: Employees lose hope & trust in future D&I efforts

  • Doubt: Employees question if D&I was a priority or it matters

  • Disempowerment: D&I champions get criticized for volunteering instead of investing their 100% into professional growth

  • Disengagement: Decreased employee retention

I can help you prevent & manage Diversity Fatigue

Join the global online community for D&I champions

  • global: Ireland, Bulgaria, UK, Germany, US & more

  • cross-industry: tech, FMCG, banking & more

  • D&I champions: companies, advisors, D&I tech solutions

  • collaborations: creating change that sticks

  • highly-engaged: invite-only

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How the community helps you

  • Emotional support: share your challenges

  • D&I education: learn from others’ mistakes

  • D&I collaborations: get further, together  

Services & Resources:

📝 D&I Reports

In January I published “2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report”, covering 10 companies from 10 countries.

Have a topic you’d like researched? (e.g. How to make the workplace more inclusive for Gen Z). Sponsor a report

🎟 D&I Events (invite-only)

I organize D&I events in Dublin, Sofia, Berlin, San Francisco. Request to attend

Each event is for 100 Diversity & Inclusion champions: CEOs, GMs, COOs, VPs of Talent, HR, D&I experts, representatives of underrepresented groups and minorities.

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