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When you demands from the employees to change the pace, to grow into leaders faster, many of them give up or overdo it. I can coach your employees to focus on their strengths to stay on top of things and develop their unique leadership style.

This is great for employees who you want to invest in and keep in the company in the long term.

The employee coaching takes into account your current and future business objectives.

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Our head of marketing (Maggie) and I identified a few areas that she needs to work on.

I coach her in negotiations, marketing, and other key areas for us. Even though we are friends, more or less Maggie sees me also as her manager, so naturally because of that we couldn’t reach this type of mentorship that was required. I realised that an external coach can benefit Maggie in helping her develop her own leadership style based on her strengths and do that in an objective and genuine way.

I turned to Vessy to become her coach. When I told Maggie, she was thrilled. Vessy’s coaching and my coaching balance fantastically. Now Maggie gets the best support she possibly could get to grow and develop as our Head of Marketing. That matters to me and to my cofounders because she doesn’t think about marketing the way any of the 4 of us does. We need diversity of thought to stay competitive and innovative to cater to clients from all over the world.
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I love Vessy’s holistic approach to every issue and the way she intuitively asks the right questions. After each session, I feel liberated from the restrictions I created myself and a step closer to developing my full potential.
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As an illustrator, I’ve never been too interested in business, marketing analytics or numbers in general. I actually never thought they could have anything to do with my job as a designer. Vessy’s questions and challenges showed me how important it is to back up my design work with business goals if I want to make an impact. When I was working on developing Enhancv’s illustration identity, I managed to put in action all the lessons learned from our coaching sessions.

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