Why I created Vessy.com

Hey, I'm Vessy. 

“Happiness is fulfillment, it's when what you think, say, and do are in harmony and tied to a purpose.”

As a lesbian immigrant in an interracial relationship, it naturally frustrates me when I hear people say that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) problems are not “real problems”. I've worked in companies where this has been the attitude. I'm now on a mission to challenge this.

Diversity & Inclusion Report 2019

I interviewed 10 tech companies from 10 countries, these are companies that I know take D&I seriously.

The cover of the 2019 Diversity in the Workplace report

The cover of the 2019 Diversity in the Workplace report

The goal of the report:

1. To be a platform for the companies who take D&I seriously so they can tell their stories of how they've created this open & accepting culture in their companies

2. To inspire other companies to reflect on their values and give them the courage to start making a change by seeing a wide range of approaches. 

3. To show companies of various sizes, of various geographies and with various approaches to D&I, so companies who are new to D&I or struggle with D&I can relate to and learn from the ones who are more similar to them.

The report features a wide range of companies in terms of:

  • size: between 20 and 16,000 employees

  • geography: UK, Ireland, US, India, Mexico, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, Malta, Sweden, Germany

  • maturity: created between 1820 and 2017

  • a sample of interviewed companies: Atlassian, ThoughtWorks, TechStars, SwedBank, TransferWise, Hotjar, and more

About my experience in a nutshell

  • based in Dublin, Ireland

  • worked in 5 organizations

  • done 200+ one-on-one coaching sessions with C-level, directors, mid-managers, and juniors

  • done a mix of strategy, product, operations, marketing, innovation

  • worked in Talent Acquisition, Venture Capital, Digital Health, Advertising, and Tech

  • reported to over 15 founders, C-level executives, managers, and directors

  • joined companies of various sizes as employee #1, #8, #14, #25, #500

Talks, interviews, mentions, and featured articles

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