Go on a “me” date

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What's a "me" date? 

The urban dictionary defines “me” dates as “an enjoyable evening spent alone where one treats themselves as if they were their own date”.

Ironically, I heard about the concept of “me” dates on a date.

The type of date that involves two people.

It was during the first date with my girlfriend. 18 months ago.

She told me she does them every now and then as a way to reconnect with herself. She was telling me how she’d take herself to a gallery or a dinner.

Back then I realized it wasn’t something I do and I felt uncomfortable just thinking about actually doing it. It was more than uncomfortable, it was the fear of not doing anything and being on my own. No distractions. I wanted to overcome this fear.

I challenged myself to do “me” dates regularly and use them as a tool for my weekly self-discovery.

Need inspiration?

I started sharing about my experiences from "me" dates in my articles

and that inspired others to try it. They shared about their own "me" dates and wrote about it in this article: My first date with her (and 7 “me” dates my readers do).

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