Improve your Diversity & Inclusion practice

You are on a unique journey with Diversity and Inclusion. I recognize that your context is unique. It's a mixture of your company history, values, employees, customers, proposition, markets, and objectives. The quantitative and qualitative research with your employees enables us to take all of that context into account when improving your D&I practice. 

Why people hire me

  • Improve Diversity & Inclusion success

  • Increase the speed of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Build and develop Diversity & Inclusion skills

How I help

  • 1:1 Strategy Call: 60min focused on your D&I challenges

  • Deep Employee Insights: using the Jobs To Be Done framework + quantitative research to fuel your D&I strategy

  • D&I Audit & Strategy Development: starting with diagnostics of your current state of inclusion and audit of existing D&I strategy

  • D&I Project Consulting: working side by side from brief through strategy to implementation

  • Employee or Team D&I Coaching: two 60min calls per month to discuss your current D&I challenges

  • Briefing Reports: researching an area of strategic importance to you and delivering a report with actionable insights to move forward

  • Inclusive Employer Branding: from employer branding brief through hiring strategy all the way to visual and copy implementation, in collaboration with design agency Kickflip

Let’s work together 


Community members include:

Atlassian, ThoughtWorks, Leanplum, LimeChain, Software Group, Techstars, Zoona, Victoria 147, Kickflip, myAccessHealth, Travis CI, TransferWise, Hotjar, Dogpatch Labs, Zendesk, HireSpace, Hubble, Marvel, SwedBank, SBTech, StoryBlaster, Inclusion Ireland, and more

Our 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Report is coming soon.

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

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