Can’t hire or keep people from underrepresented groups?

Problems I can help you with

1. Struggles with hiring:

Sponsoring events or posting job ads in slack channels doesn’t get you far!

We will examine and solve your D&I challenges throughout the hiring process, so that you no longer end up with a pile of candidates with an almost identical profile.


2. Your company scored low on Inclusion in the last engagement survey:

Having a diverse team doesn’t guarantee inclusion!

Through in-person interviews (following JTBD framework) and surveys with the employees, we will identifying the obstacles to Inclusion and work towards removing them one by one, so that your company doesn’t have any barriers to leverage the talent it has already hired.

My focus expertise

I identify and remove obstacles to Inclusion and talent growth for businesses based in Ireland 🇮🇪 and Bulgaria 🇧🇬, so they can innovate at full capacity. See what types of businesses I focus on.

Just published “2019 Diversity in the Workplace Report

I interviewed 10 tech companies from 10 countries, these are companies that I know take D&I seriously.

The goal of the report:

1. To be a platform for the companies who take D&I seriously so they can tell their stories of how they've created this open & accepting culture in their companies

2. To inspire other companies to reflect on their values and give them the courage to start making a change by seeing a wide range of approaches. 

3. To show companies of various sizes, of various geographies and with various approaches to D&I, so companies who are new to D&I or struggle with D&I can relate to and learn from the ones who are more similar to them.

The report features a wide range of companies in terms of:

  • size: between 20 and 16,000 employees

  • geography: UK, Ireland, US, India, Mexico, Bulgaria, South Africa, Australia, Malta, Sweden, Germany

  • maturity: created between 1820 and 2017

  • a sample of interviewed companies: Atlassian, ThoughtWorks, TechStars, SwedBank, TransferWise, Hotjar, and more

See the report