5 Reasons why you feel unhappy at work

“Happiness is fulfilment, it's when what you think, say, and do are in harmony and tied to a purpose.”

I can help you find more meaning and fulfilment in your job and career.

#1 You’ve done loads, but not sure what to do next

The more experience you've gained throughout the years in a single or multiple domains, the more potential career paths there are ahead of you. That can feel cluttered and overwhelming. It makes it hard to decide if you should stay where you are or leave the job for something new. Picking what to do next is tough as it’s usually accompanied by the internal conflict between what you want and should do next.

Join a startup? Start your own venture? Make a bold career change? Apply for jobs that don’t appeal to you?

If you want to make a choice you are confident in, I can help you structure your thoughts and define a clear objective that will help you focus on creating career opportunities that will feel right to you. 

Contact me, I can help you with your CAREER COMPASS.

What my clients say:

Albena Todorova, based in Germany, is a Director in the strategic corporate venture capital arm of a trading company, has 10+ years of work experience.

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What Vessy does is helping you ask yourself the right questions and see more clearly what is the optimal way for your next career step. As she has been on various positions in many companies, she is confident advising on a combination of skill/role/industry.

Dessy Chongarova is a UX Designer, has 10+ years of experience, based in London.

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Half an hour with Vessy taught me more about myself than numerous appointments with a psychologist.

Krassimir Dobrev is a Digital Creative, has 8 years of experience, based in Bulgaria.

Vessy's approach is well-structured with a clear focus and goal. She helped me define 3 clear career directions, I didn't know really existed for me before and they can potentially turn into a source of income and happiness. This journey of self-discovery and reflection feels like you’re looking at yourself in a magic mirror. 

#2 It’s time to apply for jobs, but you struggle with communicating your accomplishments 

It can be hard to assess yourself objectively on your own. I can help you identify and communicate your achievements in a way that feels natural to you. That will take away the stress and pressure from you, so you can focus on yourself.

Contact me, I can help you with your resume / CV / Lebenslauf, or cover letter.

What my clients say:

Jeffrey Broer is a Serial Entrepreneur, has 20+ years of work experience, based in Hong Kong.

Vessy was just what I needed, she helped (and pushed) me writing my resume. She’s available, open, and honest and does a great job!

#3 You’ve decided to change your career, but not sure how to make it happen

Uncertainty and self-doubt are the biggest blockers when you are aiming for:

  • industry change (e.g. moving away from banking to enter tech)

  • functional career change (e.g. switching from Venture Capital to teaching)

  • seniority level change (e.g. applying for more senior roles than the experience you've had so far)

  • relocating (e.g. moving from Boston to London)

  • starting your own business - are you an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur - it's better to know before you dive into it!

  • radical change - finding your "why" - are you in the wrong career?

Contact me, I can support you while you’re on this journey.

#4 You’re excited about your new project, but worry if you can keep a steady pace

When you start a project you’re full of enthusiasm, but it’s hard to keep progressing at an even, sustainable pace. Most people give up or overdo it. As a result, a few months after the initial push, they have given up. I can help you identify what pace is optimal for you - it keeps you efficient, you progress, yet you don’t burn out. It’s great for:

  • young managers and executives

  • early stage entrepreneurs

Contact me, I can help you stay focused and progress at a steady pace.

#5 Your job is okay, but you’re not getting the most of it

I can help you accomplish more in your current job in terms of achievements and learnings:

  • nailing your first 100 days

  • negotiating your salary

  • getting promoted

  • understanding what your boss expects from you

  • preparing for your end-of-probation review

Contact me, I can help you create, identify, and grab opportunities in your current job.

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